Help former jock: Sydney’s Happiest Amputee

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Mathew McHugh calls himself Sydney’s Happiest Amputee.

The former Nova and StarFM announcer, who also spent time working in production for Triple M, lost a leg after a paragliding accident in Sydney two months ago.

McHugh was hurled into a cliff at more than 100 kilometres an hour when his glider’s canopy crash.

He was stuck on the cliff, injured and losing blood fast.

Thankfully, McHugh was rescued and taken to hospital where he woke up two weeks later.

His family was told he’d most likely suffer brain damage and be a paraplegic. But somehow, that didn't happen.

Now, McHugh, who radiates positivity in the face of adversity, is trying to raise money to fund his future prosthetic needs. He has set up a Fundrazr page and is accepting donations big and small.

He says: “As you could imagine the process over time is rather expensive as there's the original leg purchase which can cost up to $20,000 or more (depending on what option is recommended by the prosthetic team), medical bills and regular replacements of working parts throughout the life of the prosthesis. Ongoing maintenance and eventual replacement of my prosthesis will happen every two years on average with smaller components being replaced every 6-12 months.”

“Whether it's $1 or $10,000 you donate, I would appreciate the act of kindness towards my future. I'm looking forward to a fully functional, active lifestyle for many years to come.”

Follow McHugh's journey on his Facebook page.


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