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Another brand new FM metro radio show debuted this afternoon.

Last year Merrick & The Highway Patrol with Merrick Watts, Jules Schiller and Rachel Corbett was cut from Triple M drive. Replacing them in 2014 is former Fox breakfast host Matt Tilley and newspaper columnist, and Studio 10 host, Joe Hildebrand.

Hear the first hour of 'The One Percenters' below :-

Joe Hildebrand said, “People have often told me I have a great face for radio and so I am thrilled to prove them all right. It is massively exciting to be part of the new show at Triple M and what I think will be a whole new kind of FM radio. If it works it'll be the funniest, sharpest, rockingest two hours of radio in the country. And if it doesn't I'm blaming Ita Buttrose. It's also sensational to be working among great mates and tag-teaming with Matt, who is a bit of a legend. My prediction is this show will make every listener 10 per cent smarter while laughing 90 per cent of their arses off."

Matt Tilley said, "I've just completed nearly 23 years of breakfast radio, at the end of which they demanded I hand in all puns, prank phone calls and smutty remarks conceived along the way. Fair to say Old Mother Hubbard's kitchen looks like a bloody Costco compared to the stocks I plan to bring to the show. On the plus side, there's Joe Hildebrand – sharp and incisive with ragged good looks. Before joining me he worked 'for' Rupert Murdoch and 'with' Ita Buttrose. We are at a distinct advantage when it comes to cornering the elusive 70+ demographic so disdainfully ignored by FM radio until this epic announcement.”

Triple M Head of Content Mike Fitzpatrick said, “Matt is one of the funniest and smartest guys on radio. Joe is outspoken, fiery and won’t leave you wondering. The demo’s the guys did reminded me of Jon Stewart’s ‘The Daily Show’. A very different offering to the current crop of FM drive shows. Smarter and funnier. In Melbourne and Adelaide it will follow and perfectly complement our two successful Rush Hour shows.”

Here's the first hour of their debut show….

4.00pm – 5.00pm

Break 1
or hear it here

Break 2
or hear it here

Break 3
or hear it here

Break 4
or hear it here

Break 5
or hear it here

Break 6
or hear it here

Break 7
or hear it here

Break 8
or hear it here

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