Has Sonia Kruger gone too far?

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“Like a lot of people I’m totally freaked out today by Sonia’s thoughts about Muslim immigration.”  On the KIIS Network’s 3PM Pick Up, Meshel Laurie and Monty Dimond talked about Sonia Kruger’s musings on Nine’s Today Extra.

Meshel only last week was on the show with Sonia and David said:  “More than anything though, what I hear in Sonia and in a lot of people is just fear, I’m not going to condemn Sonia outright for what she said.  I think what she said was horrible and ugly and harmful.”

“Initially when I heard it I was just furious and I wanted to hate on her. And then I realised, you know what, she is scared and a lot of people are scared, and how can we not be?”

 Take a listen.


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