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Hamish & Andy will debut the first of two 90 minute TV specials this Sunday night.

'Caravan of Courage Australia v New Zealand' will be the last show in their current contract with Channel 9. On news.com.au today, they have spoken with Colin Vickery about what's ahead for 2013.

"We're extremely happy with what we've been allowed to do at Nine and the support they have given us," Hamish says. "There is certainly no desire to change things massively."

The boys will apparently hold contract talks with Nine after the 2 shows have aired.

"The exciting thing is that so many characters keep presenting themselves (in the comedy-travel shows)," Andy says. "We think there's heaps more in this."

Hamish says…

"It (Australia v New Zealand) is the idea that we have had for a long time – probably even before the Great Britain and Ireland Caravan. When it looked like we had a bit of free time at the end of this year we thought this was a great opportunity to dust off the van – or get a new van and put the same logos on it. Going from the very bottom to the very top seemed like a fair way to cover New Zealand and the equivalent distance across the top of Australia seemed fair too."

"We're ashamed to say this, but in the early days, we probably didn't think there would be a TV show in it (the Australia v NZ concept). We thought, 'it's New Zealand, there can't be that much there (interesting to see)', but it's phenomenal – such an amazing adventure."

"They are very sensitive about the sheep thing" Andy says.

"I bought a cardigan when I got there because I forgot to bring a jumper along," Hamish says, "It had some sheep knitted into it. I had a few people offended with it – but I bought it in New Zealand. They made it, and it was 100 per cent merino."

They also discussed last year's Gap Year series…

"There were a lot of challenges last year because, for the first time ever, we were building our own series in a foreign country," Andy says.

"This year was a lot more smooth sailing because we'd done one (Gap Year) before. Looking back, there's a pattern of travel and mucking around (in our shows)," Hamish says, "It is the thing we love doing the most. We are big fans of creating our own fun."

Read the chat in full at news.com.au here

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