Hadley v Carlton after Australian Story

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Ray Hadley appeared on Australian Story on Monday night (see here).

After the show, Mike Carlton (the Sydney Morning Herald columnist and ex 2UE breakfast host) took to Twitter to condemn the episode saying :-

Carlton also used Twitter to challenge Hadley to "talk it out" face to face :-

Ray Hadley has spoken to news.com.au calling Carlton "the most hateful and vengeful broadcaster I've ever encountered….His disgraceful comments following the death of Stan Zemanek set him apart from any other broadcaster or person that I've ever encountered."

"Good taste dictates you don't speak ill of the dead….His bad taste knows no bounds."

Hadley said that he "wasn't entirely happy with the show, but as I said, I thought it was fair and reasonable."

He said he spent half an hour talking to Australian Story about who he most disliked among other broadcasters. Hadley cited Carlton but none of it was used in the final show.

Ray said: "I had nothing to do with the production of the program either….I had no control over who they spoke to and if I had I wouldn't have allowed them to speak to Mr Carlton."

Hadley has also said: ‘‘I’d imagine Mr Carlton’s anger has more to do with the fact he was shown the door at 2UE after his ratings failure and the day after the Australian Story I recorded my 74th consecutive ratings win.’’

‘‘His only commercial success was at 2GB back in the 1980’s when he was propped up by John Laws. Since then he’s basically been totally irrelevant.’’

Read more at news.com.au here or the Sydney Morning Herald here.

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