Good mates. Opposing views. Can they meet In The Middle?


We all have different opinions and no one person is the same, but often we get caught up in unhealthy debates, disagreements and divides in our society.

Now, two good mates from very different backgrounds  – and with different values, beliefs and lifestyles – are exploring the issue.

Radio anchor Josiah Shala and vegan entrepreneur and radio producer Renee Buckingham are unpacking some of the most controversial thought starters to see if they can meet In The Middle.

Their new podcast explores views on everything from  relationships and pop culture to politics, lifestyle and everything else in between.

Inspired by the divide and cancel culture in the modern-day world, each week Josiah and Renee will debate the topics that are impacting both their worlds and the lives around them.

Renee says “Josiah and I saw an opportunity to explore our unique dynamic in the form of a podcast. We would laugh about how rare it is to have two mates that are incredibly different with quite opposite world views.”

“Together we wanted to create a passionate and safe space to embrace and challenge one another’s thoughts around topics we and society care about. We believe it’s okay to have different opinions without cancelling those that think differently and even be willing to learn a thing or two.”

Josiah says “It’s so refreshing to have a friend like Renee. We have such polar opposite world views, but our love and respect comes from the same place.”

“We’re taking our chats from the streets to the microphones and hope we can start some interesting conversations. I’m hoping my conspiracies aren’t too much for my green, vegan friend!”

New eps are available each week.

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