3 big metro brekky shows ready to say goodbye

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Tomorrow is going to be a big day in 2 metro markets as 2Day FM farewell Kyle & Jackie O while in Melbourne Hughesy & Kate say goodbye to Nova 100 and Matt & Jo sign off from Fox FM.

(Update : we have heard from an eagle-ear reader that this morning Kyle & Jackie O was apparently a pre-recorded bits / best of show with Angus O'Loughlin anchoring. They may not get their farewell fanfare. We'll find out tomorrow…..)

During the week, both Melbourne breakfast shows got together for their first ever joint interview with Fairfax.

Jo said, "It's such a test of physical endurance. We're in this together, you need to support each other." Matt agreed: "We've never had an enemy mentality (toward Hughesy & Kate)."

"The nice thing is with both these shows that if you've had a really good run there are no regrets," Matt continued. "If you're a footballer and you finished at 25 you'd be thinking, 'Maybe I could have been …' But if you finish at 33, you think, 'Well I got as far as I was gonna go.' "

"I've said to … our boss for a year, 'We're here by the grace of Hughesy and Kate staying around because the minute they go and they get a younger team in, we suddenly look much older.' It's like two heavyweight boxers and the young fit guy comes into the ring and you think, 'Oh shit.' "

"On the flipside, I wasn't surprised, because I know how tired we all are," said Jo. "And you've been doing it two years longer than us."

Talking about their final show, Matt said: “It's going to be like a lot of long and indulgent 21st speeches – which if you know the person whose party it is, great."

“I'll be a blubbering mess,” Jo revealed. Kate agreed, “Me too. And so will our listeners. Tears are good.”

Kate said of the plans for Nova's farewell: “Ours is stupid. We're now rehearsing at my house with Hughesy's kids and my kids in some sort of Von Trapp musical extravaganza. I've ordered the children lederhosen … I've ordered these dirndls, but the only place we could get them was off a porn site.”

Talking of the future after they leave their long running shows, Jo says: “I'm excited for radio. I love it as a medium and I'm excited to see what happens in the Melbourne landscape. I love that we're doing this, it's a happy circumstance.”

"You get into a groove that is so easy to do, it's not really work … and walking away from that is tough," said Hughesy. "But I'm with Jo – looking forward to the fresh air."

Nova 100's new breakfast show will be Tommy Little and Meshel Laurie. On Fox FM, Fifi Box and Dave Thornton will replace Matt & Jo.

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Pic : Simon Schluter (The Age)

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