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Who are the Top 25 Influential Women in Radio ? Former Austereo boss, Brad March, will reveal the entire list on Friday.

No waiting a few extra days to find out who will be number 1.

See the full 25 when you wake up on Friday morning.

It already has people talking…..


Anonymous (5:28pm 17 Jul 2012)

Has to be said. I'll be surprised if you'll find 25 women. Radio is still a male domain. Still. After all these years. Discounting GM's (who mainly come from sales backgrounds)It will be MD's and On Air Talent with TV/Comedy backgrounds, right? Pure Radio Female Talent? Thin on the groud. Yet, women are the target demo of most formats. Let's see what you come up with.
Greg Jennings (10:20am 18 Jul 2012)
The contribution from female talent in radio is huge. 3 of my bosses over the journey have been women, all great mentors. Not to mention co-writers across the time as well, and current female talent within the teams I currently manage. I'll think you'll be surprised "anonymous"


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