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This afternoon at Hamish & Andy's 7th Annual Spit Roast Party with Jules Lund, the team was phoned by Fifi Box with some exciting news.

Fifi announced that she had given birth to a baby girl at 2.30 this afternoon, and that the name was yet to be decided.

Andy: So Fif, what time did your little girl come into the world?

Fifi: Okay, well firstly she came into the world this afternoon at 2.30 today and you guys will find this hard to believe because you know me so well but I’ve sort of been caught a bit off guard and I don’t have a name ready…

Jules: So true to Fifi style, you weren’t caught off guard, you knew it was a girl, you stuffed that up five times a day when you kept saying “when she gets here” and now you’re telling us you don’t have a name!

Andy: Do you have a short list?

Hamish: What about FiFi Junior?

Fifi: I’m tempted too! Well Ham, I was thinking Coco, Loulou, Gigi and Fifi…

Hamish: Well sometimes when I can’t decide what I want on my pizza I put everything on!

Jules: Coco-Loulou-Gigi –Fifi!!

Andy: Well what’s she like? Can you describe her?

Fifi: Well guys she is absolutely… and I know that everyone says this…but she is absolutely beautiful! She’s… oh I’m going to get really emotional guys… (tears)… I’m looking at her now and she is just the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and she is just a little ray of sunshine! She’s just heavenly, she is just gorgeous!

Whilst Fifi Box hs not publicly confirmed it, it is well known that the father of her baby is former ironman Grant Kenny.

Hear the audio below;
or hear it here


Watch the video of the announcement here….

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