Fifi & Jules + 40 staff giveaway a car

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This week, Today drive hosts Fifi & Jules gave away a car to a listener. But there had to be a twist.

The team had to swap the listeners old car for the new Suzuki Swift Sport without her noticing.

26 year old Kirstin Sadler from Melbourne was chosen and had the Ellen-esque backstory:

A stay-at-home Mum of a 3 year old and baby on the way mid-year, Kirstin was forced to sell her car to put the money toward her first home, and so had to drive her grandparent’s old car.

SCA say:

'It was one of the team’s biggest adventures, requiring more than 40 staff, 10 hidden cameras and audio guys disguised as council workers! It was also an emotional day, with Jules commenting that there was “a few too many tears. Not only from the pregnant woman who won the car, but the pregnant woman who gave it away!"'

Watch the video of the event plus some pics below….




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