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A national research study for the Fairfax Radio Network has identified a group of 2.2 million Australians aged 35 to 64 who are wealthy, big spending, culturally aware, social, healthy and informed, known as ‘The Influencers’.

The findings were uncovered by media agency Carat and its proprietary ‘Consumer Connection System’ in their annual national survey.

Fairfax Radio Network National Sales Director Nick Randall (pictured) said:

“This is the first time Fairfax Radio Network has undertaken a study of this size and scope. The study puts a name and face to the valuable group of Australians sitting between the better known demographics, like the Baby Boomers and Generations X and Y. ‘The Influencers’ have money and aren’t afraid to spend it, they know who they are, they seek information and they participate in what the world has to offer.

“What really surprised us about ‘The Influencers’ was their willingness and ability to spend, they are the most financially optimistic group of Australians, who earn high incomes and live their lives, but also close to obsessive about their health and fitness.

“This group stands apart from many other Australians who have been financially cautious due to world events in recent years. ‘The Influencers’ spend money, look after their health, attend arts and cultural events and inform their opinions via the media.”

Carat Sydney Managing Director Andrew Norris said:

“At Carat, we put the consumer at the heart of everything we do and we are pleased to work with Fairfax Radio Network to help the company deepen its understanding of the audience and take to market what we believe is a compelling and well-rounded picture of who ‘The Influencers’ really are and why they are so important to businesses.”

Some of the findings:-

41% have between $100,000 and $1 million invested. Approximately 52% own their home, while 37% have shares and 16% own an investment property.

‘The Influencers’ say David Jones, Qantas, Westpac and Mazda are their top brands.

82% say they feel well and are in good health. 53% eat well-balanced meals and 67% restrict how much fatty food they eat.

“You could call ‘The Influencers’ independently wealthy. They earn good money and do their own research before making a major purchase, like a new car or holiday,” Randall said.

“This study showed that our listeners will stay with their station and also listen through the ads and, importantly, 48.4% of Fairfax Radio’s audience is unique. Our vision is to be the number one information and entertainment network in Australia, and the research shows that our audience comes to us for that.”

“The research provided by this landmark study also formed the basis of our biggest ever trade ad campaign, which kicked off with ‘Radio that goes in one ear and stays there.’ The campaign is garnering strong market interest because of the access Fairfax Radio gives to this valuable audience.”

Some characteristics of ‘The Influencers’:

  • Full-time professional, typically working in business, finance or property
  • Very happy with their life
  • Seasoned travellers – travel overseas between two and four times per year, and travel domestically a minimum of four times annually
  • Attend arts and cultural events
  • Can’t live without their mobile
  • More likely to buy online than the general population: they purchase entertainment tickets, airline tickets and bank online
  • Shop at the supermarket two to three times per week
  • 49 per cent regularly buying wine and 43 per cent buy beer
  • Do their research before buying a car and typically own a vehicle worth between $30,000 and $50,000. Their next car will most likely be a BMW, Toyota, VW, Honda or Audi.
  • ‘Are big sports fans who gamble socially or for special occasions, such as the Melbourne Cup. They love footy: 51 per cent support the AFL, 34 per cent follow the NRL and 21 per cent are A-League fans.
  • Prefer to organise travel themselves
  • Read newspapers online every day
  • Spectate on social media
  • Listen to the radio to relax and be informed
  • Passionate sports fans
  • Enjoy gardening, cooking, walks and reading.
  • Typically read Good Weekend, Sunday Life, Better Homes & Gardens, Open Road, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.
  • When it comes to television, they watch ABC and SBS programs, plus Offspring, Downton Abbey, Modern Family and The Voice.
  • The websites favoured by ‘The Influencers’ are theage.com.au, afr.com, theaustralian.com.au and smh.com.au.


‘The Influencers’ typical media day looks like: (click to enlarge)

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