Esperance Ratings: Allan & Michelle become #1 Breakfast show

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Southern Cross Austereo’s (SCA) duopoly in Western Australia’s Esperance remains in tact, with the most recent radio ratings showing the network has both the #1 and #2 stations in the region.

All other measured stations in Esperance are part of the national broadcaster, the ABC.

This survey – the first since March 2017 – showed that 28.0% of the surveyed audience identified the Hit Network’s Hit 102.3 as the station they listened to the most, up 2.4 points from last survey.

Triple M also climbed, up 1.0 point to 24.0%.

The ABC’s best-performing station was ABC Esperance, which was on 13.0% – a decline of 7.4 points.

In Breakfast, the Hit Network’s syndicated regional WA program with Allan Aldworth and Michelle Anderson became the new #1 show.

Allan & Michelle boasted 28.5% in Breakfast, up 5.1 points on the 2017 survey.

Sean Lindsay, who fronts Sean For Breakfast on Triple M, was up 2.0 points to 22.9%.

The ABC’s Breakfast offering with Emily Smith suffered a 9.4 point fall to 15.1%.

Last time the survey was conducted, the ABC’s Breakfast show was on top with 24.5% to Hit’s 23.4%.

Hit 102.3, however, was less successful in Drive, with the station falling 5.8 points to 24.4%. The station plays Carrie & Tommy, followed by highlights from Sydney’s The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed & Erin. 

Triple M, therefore, became the new #1 Drive show, climbing 2.2 points to 22.8%. The station has a combination of Molloy and Sports Day WA in the slot.

The ABC’s Drive program fell 9.8 points to 10.5%.

This survey did not offer Evening figures. Radio Today followed up with Xtra Insights.

A spokesperson said: “A minimum sample of 50 is required within a sub cell to be able to produce a result. With Esperance being a 200 sample, it is likely that there wasn’t a large enough sample tuning in of an evening to be able to produce a figure for that daypart.”

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20 Jul 2021 - 11:54 am

SCA have done well here. Oh, they own the only two stations. So why are they only rating 52% 10+ What about the other 48% ?

20 Jul 2021 - 12:33 pm

I wonder will SCA be claiming the “Biggest duopoly in Esperance” title here too?

20 Jul 2021 - 12:50 pm

Probably Hope Fm in Esperance.

20 Jul 2021 - 2:37 pm

Wow what a huge achievement, love listening to you guys in the morning !


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