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We have bad news and good news. Firstly the bad news.

After a few weeks as Radio Today's Editor, Elissa Griesser, sadly, will be finishing with us in the role.

Elissa writes: “Yes, it was a short-lived gig, but I realised quickly that working from home from early in the morning (especially considering Perth is two hours behind the east) wasn’t working for my family.”

“It was a real juggle trying to sort out breaking radio news and Rice Bubbles and school lunch at the same time. It’s a shame because I have enjoyed being on top of what’s going on in radio around the country.”

We'd like to thank her for her work over the past few weeks, and the Radio Today directors wish her all the best.

Now to the good news.

We do have a new Editor. This person will commence with us in a fortnight, and we will let you know who they are, and their background over the next week or two.

We did consider writing a creative hook, teasing you through, making a benchmark time to point to in order to ensure you cume back to us for the new person, but it's a saturday afternoon and there's a footy game on so we didn't…unprofessional of us really.


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