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If you haven't yet seen the results and analysis from survey 3, see them here.

You can also see the press releases here and the ups and downs here.

During the day I caught up with Duncan Campbell, to get his overview of how ARN went in survey 3…..

Mark: Was the WSFM result expected ?

Duncan: Yeah that was expected but I think the headline for us is that it’s a very solid result. We’ve strengthened our network 25-54 position. Mix is the #1 network 25-54 cume which is encouraging on the back of some good results for Mix 106.5 and Mix 101.1. In light of what was a very aggressive survey tacticly and marketing wise from Southern Cross Austereo and dmg, ARN I think has performed very well.

Mark: The growth for Mix in Sydney is encouraging, especially at breakfast ?

Duncan: We aren’t getting ahead of ourselves. I’ll take Craig Bruce’s advice from last survey on that one (laughs), it’s an encouraging result but there’s a long way to go for Mix Sydney. It’s good to have movement forward but we’re putting a lot of work into that station and that breakfast show. We’ve changed the anchor and we’ve got Mitch Braund coming on board in the next couple of weeks so our goals are very much focussed year end on that station but today's result is good, the cume continues to improve nicely and good to see the station ahead of smoothfm which is the first time that’s happened since survey 6 last year.

Mark: So that’s your birthday present for smoothfm ?

Duncan: Yeah, he says smiling of course (laughs).

Mark: Melbourne is flatter for both Mix and Gold there.

Duncan: In that market you have Triple M going very well this year. They seem to have got the rock, comedy and sport combo right in Melbourne for the first time in a few years. Also on the back of the football season, the first football book of the year. Smooth’s doing okay there, it’s got under 40 growth which I don’t think will be sustained. Gold is still good, the best breakfast result since survey 1 2010, best cume since survey 4 2007 so it’s a very solid station and Mix 101.1 is bouncing back after a slow start to the year, so we’re happy with that, particularly 25-54 for Mix.

Mark: 97.3 breakfast back to #1FM

Duncan: It’s back to a two horse race in Brisbane and I think that will become more evident next book. It’s really Nova and 97.3. The team has done a lot of work up there, it’s a very tight market and this is our fourth #1 in a row so we’re very happy with the performance of that station.

Mark: Another strong result for Mix 102.3 in Adelaide – still #1 at breakfast, now #2 overall and drive is #1. One thing that stood out for Mix across the country though are the night results – all of them up. What do you put the increases there down to ?

Duncan: We’re trying to raise awareness for the station overall which benefits these shows but there’s also a lot of music on at night, it’s a good time of the day to listen to long music sweeps. We do have confidence in these formats, we know they’re very strong so it’s good to see some listening coming through at nights and also on weekends in cases.

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