Duncan Campbell on ARN’s historic result

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If you haven't yet seen the results from yesterday's survey 2, see them here.

You can also see the press releases here, ups and downs here and my chat with Charlie Fox, CD of the newly crowned #1FM station in Sydney, WSFM here. Phew……

During the day I also caught up with Charlie's boss, Duncan Campbell, to get his overview of how ARN went in survey 2…..

Mark: Some great results across the board in Survey 2 Duncan

Duncan: Yeah it is a good result. It’s the first time in ARN’s history that we’re number 1 FM in 3 markets (Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide).

Mark: Wow congratulations, there’s another reason to celebrate.

Duncan: It is a reason to celebrate, particularly when you’re on the back of a strong, significant marketing presence that dmg and SCA have had in quarter one, for us to produce the numbers we’ve managed to produce is, without getting too cocky about it, it’s impressive to be honest.

Mark: WSFM’s win is only by 0.1 but you take that.

Duncan: Absolutely. A couple of years ago I said I think WS can be #1FM and even Gold in Melbourne. WS has managed to achieve it and Gold has had a great result in Melbourne and looking very strong for next time.

Mark: On Gold, every shift is up

Duncan: In fact it’s the best Gold breakfast result in 3 years and the best overall result for the station since survey 1 2010 so a good day for Gold as well.

Mark: Mix 102.3 in Adelaide still retained #1 but breakfast back a bit to #3 from #1 but still #1FM breakfast. Bouncing around a bit ?

Duncan: 97.3FM (Brisbane) and Mix 102.3 (Adelaide) did have big results rolling into survey 1 so they’re just washing out a little bit.

The objective for us for both those stations is to be #1 and that’s the trend so far this year. So very happy with Mix in Adelaide, it’s a strong breakfast show and a very passionate team behind the scenes, they’re doing a great job down there.

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