Dobson on Kyle & Jackie O ‘not 1995 anymore’

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In an interview with the Financial Review, SCA's Chief Content Officer Guy Dobson hasn't held back in his views about Kyle & Jackie O.

“It wasn’t 1995 anymore. It’s 2013 and unfortunately that show didn’t move on. We were getting beaten on a lot of revenue opportunities because of an out of date model.

“In this day and age of branded content and brand in content and integration…you have to deliver so much more. That means with the context of your show and without the context of your show in things like social media, and those guys didn’t really want to play ball.

“Not taking anything away from those guys. They’re talented performers and still the number one breakfast show in Sydney."

ARN CEO Ciaran Davis responded saying:

"I think it’s a bit of a case of they’ve lost the number one breakfast show and they’re chasing after the horse after its bolted.

“We’re building a great team to take Kyle and Jackie O to the next level.”

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