Podcasters warned about growing power of Spotify

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Tommy Jackett Josh Janssen
Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen

The Australian talk show and podcast hosted by Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen, The Daily Talk Show has developed a reputation for diving into topics sometimes considered taboo by the industry.

They’ve previously criticised Commercial Radio Australia’s Podcast Ranker, and now Jackett and Janssen have addressed issues surrounding Spotify’s algorithm.

“One thing that most people aren’t considering enough is the power that companies like Spotify will have over podcasting if we just hand it over to them on a platter,” Janssen said.

Pointing out that Spotify is getting plenty of plaudits for launching original podcasts, Janssen talked about losing the original purpose of podcasts as a “democratised tool to communicate”.

“I think that we need to be very careful about how these bigger players play in the podcasting space,” he continued.

“Using the Joe Rogan example, even they don’t edit [his content]… if they then decide that Joe Rogan’s content isn’t safe, so ‘we’re not going to push it through to our algorithm’, it’s the same fuckin’ problem.

“There’ll definitely be a push for an independent solution to podcasting. Like right now, if you’re listening to the podcast you see everything. You get a feed that isn’t being impacted by algorithms.

“I think that’s what needs to stay with podcasting.”

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