The curious case of Christian’s Facebook page

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Christian O’Connell‘s new Breakfast show on Gold FM kicked off this week, and as it turns out, his technical issues weren’t just limited to the show itself.

In the lead up to Christian’s arrival, a Facebook page for his new show with Jack Post was established, but in the days prior to his debut the page mysteriously disappeared.

Christian and the team were finally able to reveal that the page had been taken down due to someone in America claiming it as their own.

“This is incredible,” Christian said. “Some kid in America is asking money for my Facebook page.”

“He has the rights and owns the Facebook page,” said Jack.

Jack and Christian then explained that after a while they gave up trying to reclaim the page, so they decided to start a new one, but the new one was also taken down due to copyright infringement.

“We got an email from Facebook yesterday, and they said it’s not being handled by the ‘Global Escalation Team’,” laughed Christian. That means its on Zuckerberg’s desk.”

The page is now back up, so clearly the dispute was resolved and Facebook decided that Christian was the rightful owner of the page after all.

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