Cruise 1323 Celebrates Ten Years

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This week ARN’s Cruise 1323 celebrates its 10th Birthday.  

The station launched in 2005 with the original line-up Peter Burghan 6-9am, John Dean 9-12pm, Craig Huggins 12-4pm, Mark Elliston 4-7pm and Bob Peters from 7pm-12am.

Today, Dom Rinaldo is part of the line-up with John, Craig and Mark still in play. Kevin Mulcahy, Lynn Hayes and Michelle Murphy also join the casual line-up.

Cruise was up half a point last week with survey #7 to an 8.7. A very good showing for AM Music station.

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29 Dec 2018 - 12:29 pm

Just for the record. I was the first full time employee of Cruise 1323, joining in October 2005, a month before the station’s launch. I was previously involved in Sales and On-Air with 5DN on the 1323 frequency, which was closed by owners ARN in February 2005 and taken over by the lessee of SEN Sport out of Melbourne. SEN1323 Sport Adelaide lasted less than 5 months and went dark overnight, after the audience dwindled to an asterisk and funds ran out. Apart from being the Senior Account Manager at the ARN owned Cruise1323, I also did weekends on-air from Day 1. I resigned in 2010. Good to see the station still doing well, with many mates still involved.


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