Craig Hutchison on SEN survey one results

Craig Hutchison is a putting a positive spin on the first survey of the year for Melbourne sport’s broadcaster 1116 SEN.

The Crocmedia boss has recently assumed control of the station, making a number of controversial changes to the line-up. Presenters have been sacked and presenters have been hired, including former ABC stalwart Gerard Whateley.

While the changes have yet to bare fruit, with falls across the board recorded in survey one, Hutchison remains confident SEN now has what it takes to be successful in the near future.

“Overall, very pleased.  The audience, in the end, was about what we expected. We’re in the middle of rewiring some elements of the station and we’ve changed every show on the station.

“We’re really pleased to have grown 7-thousand listeners from survey eight last year, going from 249,000 to 256. Hopefully that shows that people are giving us a go and that audience will grow”.

With the new-look SEN less than a survey old, Hutchison is looking ahead to a future with more live sport with Whateley figuring heavily.

The broadcaster is on his way home from South Africa, where he called the first two test matches in Durban and Port Elizabeth. Prior to that, he was in the US for the Superbowl.

Hutchison believes his return will bring more stability as the station looks to rebuild. He’s also promising to introduce ‘new’ voices to the Melbourne sporting audience.

We want to have more contemporary conversations with our audience and we want to have a broader church, so we want to have different things for different people.

“Gerard will come back and continue to reshape the sporting agenda and conversation every day.  

Kane (Cornes) will settle in on Fridays.  He’s a new voice into Melbourne. I’ve been thrilled with the work he’s done during Gerard’s absence”.  

While admitting SEN is still a work in progress, Hutchie is confident the approaching AFL season is where they’ll shine.

You’ll hear new voices this year that you haven’t heard for a while. The likes of Peter Donegan, Sandy Roberts, Robert Walls and a whole lot of others that come from our previous AFL Nation-world.

“It’ll be the biggest and best call in the country and it will hit hundreds of stations, SEN being one of them, and we can’t wait”.

The AFL season kicks off next week. Survey two results are released late April. It will be interesting to see whether a notoriously fickle Melbourne sporting audience will jump on board the SEN bus.

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9 May 2018 - 11:18 am

Sandy Roberts,Peter Donegan….ya mean he’s getting the cheapest help he can find….like how he contradicts himself every time,new voices,Hutchison is the most delusional so called media personality that ever took a breath,he got rid of all the skilled cultured callers and for that whatever he attempts he’s doomed,no more to say except I’m not talking about the financials,it’s what resonates with the listeners


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