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After today's survey 1 result for the Gold Coast, I caught up with SCA's Head of Content, Craig Bruce :-

Mark: A strong result for both SCA stations today, Sea FM going #1 and Gold FM #2 but the local shift standout would have to be Sea FM breakfast with Galey, Matt & Charli.

Craig: Yeah it was excellent. Matty (Acton) has gone into the show at the start of the year and normally breakfast shows take a while to find their feet but the 3 of them came together really well and we instantly heard a better show.

Matt (left) is a great story, he’s been around for a while. The Southern Cross team found him a number of years ago straight out of school, he did the nights show (Hot 30), he’s a fanatic for radio, he’s very coachable, has a great attitude and has gone in there and driven the agenda of the show. Charli and Galey have connected really well with him and it’s a great combination.

We weren’t expecting to go up 3.7 points, it’s certainly improved but to see that kind of result is tremendous. Feeding into today I would have thought we were on the improve on Sea FM based on how it sounded but this result is wonderful for everyone involved.

It should be noted that the Gold FM result is really positive for us as well, we put the new Greatest Hits format in there at the end of last year. The idea was to get back some workplace listening from Hot Tomato and it looks like we’ve done that on the surface.

So as a duopoly we couldn’t have been happier with the result.

Everyone’s worked really hard at it, they’ve got a great local team, it’s a small team but Andrew Very, Trent Towson, Al Dobie and both breakfast shows have done a great job to deliver those results. They’re really happy. It's also Nick Scott’s first survey result back as GM of the duopoly and he’s thrilled.

See all the results and analysis here.

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