CRA tells stations to refuse MP3 audio

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Commercial Radio Australia has issued an official reminder to radio stations that they have a responsibility to enforce the .WAV and .BWF file standards that were introduced last year.

In an email from CEO Joan Warner, she states that radio stations must refuse to broadcast any MP3 files sent to them by agencies or clients.   

"the new mandatory standards for audio files sent to Commercial Radio Australia member stations came into effect on 1 July 2011 — that is  no more MP3 files were to be sent or accepted.

From 1 July 2011 WAV is the standard for all audio files to be sent to/accepted by commercial radio stations. In addition, the Piñata standard was highly recommended for use with audio/text/image files sent to  commercial radio stations"

The  Piñata file standard (.bwf) manages multi-media audio files, providing a simple and accurate process for creating and dispatching multi-media commercials to radio stations.

Audionet CEO Dave Cox commented "Multi-media commercials are the key to unlocking the real value of digital technology, once stations master the art of broadcasting a client logo with a 30 second radio commercial, that logo can become a point of sale, connecting their listeners directly to  their advertisers, through their mobile phone apps"

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