Chugg wants to use digital radio for Aussie music

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This week in Brisbane the BIGSOUND showcase and conference is on.

Music industry legend Michael Chugg appeared on a panel and took the opportunity to raise the ongoing issue the industry has with the Australian music quota for commercial radio stations.

Chugg said he’d like to have his artists played on commercial radio but their local music quota allowed them to favour international acts.

“The quota’s far too low and they take advantage of late night… running tracks from midnight to dawn. They’ll deny it, but it’s true.”

“It’s bullshit, and it’s holding the industry back.”

Also on the panel was Sounds Australia’s Millie Millgate, who said community radio was the place to find emerging local artists.

“In terms of developing and breaking artists, that’s where it’s starting,” she said.

Chugg added: “Hopefully the new Government won’t throw away the achievements made by Sounds Australia and other companies in the recent years.”

He also said that “digital radio will be a serious weapon in the future if I have anything to do with it.”

See our earlier opinion piece at Radio Today on how to address the Australian Content issue most effectively here, which includes some more colourful quotes from Michael Chugg.



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