Chrissie Swan ‘I am not alone’

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Unless you were under a rock last week you couldn't have missed the story of Chrissie Swan's smoking confession on Mix 101.1 in Melbourne.

You can hear the audio of her initial 'confession' here.

Today, Chrissie has written a piece in the Fairfax press outlining, again, the background and what has happened since that announcement. In part, in the article, Chrissie has written;

I am not a heavy smoker. I am not even a light smoker. But I am a smoker, and I have been having an occasional cigarette throughout this pregnancy.

I would do it in my car, alone, and never more than once a day. That was the creepy deal I struck with myself. It has been the worst, most guilt-inducing thing I have ever done.

Secrecy made it easier to stay addicted.

I was surprised at how many confessed their secret smoking habit to me. By telling everyone, the secrecy was gone and with it the ability to keep smoking. Alex from Quitline has identified my trigger place as the car, as it was the only place I could smoke. We've decided I'd listen to my own music (not The Wiggles) or call a friend on hands free while I'm driving. Every time I do this I forget I used to smoke.

I have had the kind of week I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy but, ultimately, it's been positive because I have asked for help, I have stopped smoking and I feel peaceful and authentic and truthful.

I am not alone.

Quit Victoria told me that the day after I confessed, calls to the Quitline doubled. Twice as many people called and said: ''I don't want to smoke but I don't know how to stop. Please help me.'' They say my revelation caused this. That's something anyone would be proud to tell their kids.

You can read the complete article that Chrissie has written in the Fairfax papers here.



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