Charlie Pickering ‘Sandilands a mysogynist’

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The Project's Charlie Pickering has branded Kyle Sandilands a 'mysognyist' on the Hamish and Andy show.

Speaking on the nationally networked show during their pre-logies special, Pickering was challenged by 'Hamish & Andy' to do an impression of Sandilands on Australia's Got Talent, which was up for an award.

Pickering, speaking in his impersonation of Sandilands said “Mate I hated it. Mate, Australia doesn’t have talent.”. 

Pickering then dropped the impersonation saying "every word coming into my head is literally too misogynistic to say on the radio (but) if I'm up accepting the logie on Kyle's behalf, I'm not holding back cos I can just blame Kyle”

Andy Lee encouraged Pickering saying "yeah you can just say (Kyle) sent you the piece of paper, you're just going off (what he wrote)"

Going back into his impersonation Pickering said “Governor General: Don’t like you, you’re a woman. Anyone noticed that the Prime Minister has a vagina? No thanks.”

Hear the audio below:

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