Changes to metro survey’s in 2013

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The Metro Radio Survey schedule is now available for next year, with one significant tweek.

Survey 1 has been a standalone survey with a double sample collected in a 4 week period.

With extreme weather conditions often impacting the field work and survey compliance in Survey 1 (eg. the Brisbane floods in 2011) the Board of CRA and the Industry Research Committee have worked with Nielsen to try and fix these issues.

They are rolling out these changes to the design of Survey 1…

Next year they will trial rolling Wave 8 2012 into a new Wave 1 for Survey 1 2013.

Wave 1 will start one week later in January and run for 5 weeks.

As Wave 1 2013 will now be the same design as the others Survey's, the entire Wave 1 sample will roll into Wave 2 to produce Survey 2 and the rolling schedule will continue as per previous years.

"Extensive modeling has been carried out throughout the review process, referencing the last two years under the current methodology. Comparisons were made between the modeled ‘new Survey 1’ results versus the official released Survey 1 which showed that the results are relatively stable for People 10+.

Drilling into the standard age cells showed some moderate fluctuations, however, there was nothing unusual in the results interrogated that could not be explained by audience trends and traditional audience movement between stations."

The schedule for 2013 is below…(click to enlarge)

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