Celebrating 10 years: How radio found Olympia Kwitowski


As far as career choices go, radio was never part of the big picture for Olympia Kwitowski.

She had no dreams or plans to work in radio.

And yet now, Olympia – Weekday Traffic Reporter and Weekend Breakfast Announcer on Brisbane’s 4BC – is about to notch up 10 years in the industry.

Olympia’s working life started not in a studio, but in a classroom environment, teaching speech and drama.

Radio found its way to her, not the other way around.

“I started in radio by stumbling into it,” Olympia tells Radio Today.

After a stint in Sydney where she worked in publishing, Olympia – who describes herself as a Brissy girl through and through – returned to Queensland, a career change front of mind.

“I found myself at 4BC after a referral from the then GM,” she says.

Olympia’s foray into the industry was the classic ‘sink or swim’ type scenario.

“I started producing. I even recall having to google what a radio producer does” she says.

Starting out as a casual producer afforded Olympia the opportunity to work through all the shows and get to know the different formats.

“It wasn’t long before I was handed a mic and sent out to do some live crosses at OBs.”

Olympia had been producing for about two months when she found herself at Paniyiri, the popular Greek festival in Brisbane from which 4BC and Magic were broadcasting live.

She vividly recalls the moment she had to do a live cross to dual Logie winning broadcaster Chris Adams.

“I was nervous AF,” Olympia says. “But just took a deep breath and started describing what I was seeing and painting a nice picture for listeners.”

“And I guess it went pretty well, because here I am ten years later!”

Thinking on one’s feet is central to the role of a traffic reporter.

It’s an exciting gig, and Olympia loves that every morning serves up something different.

But it’s not for the faint hearted.

“Traffic reporting is fast paced. You have to be on the ball.”

“It’s a constant monitoring of the situations on the roads and collating that information into a short and succinct traffic report which I deliver live every ten minutes.”

Olympia says it’s always great to go the extra mile and add extra reports to programming with extended crosses.

“Live reports are the only way to go and should be utilised by more networks. People want the milli-second info, not old news.”

“It’s really rewarding to hear from listeners thanking me that I saved them hours being stuck in traffic from my updates.”

Olympia’s weekend announcing role at 4BC is another job she cherishes.

“I just love talkback radio. The listeners are what makes it so rewarding.”

“The chance to speak to incredibly inspiring people who are doing great things for their community is what sets my soul on fire.”

“I love hearing people speak with passion and gusto about a cause or issue they believe in and want to see change.”

“The first segment of the show is gardening, and it’s something I am really getting into. It’s wonderful to provide an advice line for keen gardeners or even your black thumbs to call in and ask that pressing question about their desert rose.”

The constant breakfast hours don’t faze Olympia. In fact, she enjoys the early starts.

“I am well and truly used to it now as I work six days a week and I have a 4.30am alarm set each morning.”

“I have been doing this for nearly 4 years in this current role.”

“My last job was similar too, with early starts that began with a 45 minute commute to work to be able to get in the chopper to report traffic on the Today Show.”

It’s clear that Olympia is held in high regard among friends and colleagues alike.

Triple M Queensland’s Annabelle ‘A.B’ Brett believes radio is richer for having people like Olympia in it.

“Olympia has dedicated her life to the craft and to the community for near on a decade. There won’t be a local community fair in Ipswich, to a sideline at the racetrack or a traffic report she’s far away from.”

“Always so supportive of other people, particularly women in the industry, it’s lovely to see her recognised in this way.”

Olympia treasures the feedback she gets – both from listeners and from those within the industry.

“I grew up listening to Greg Cary on 4BC and meeting him for the first time was a real fan girl moment for me. Then having him compliment me and tell me that he listens to me and thinks I’m wonderful – that had me in tears! Happy tears!”

“Greg has recently filled in at 4BC over the holidays and listening to him and how relaxed and personable he is on air is always so enjoyable.”

As well as her radio duties, Olympia is a sought-after MC, hosting events all over Brisbane.

A vibrant presence on stage, Olympia prides herself on not just hosting events, but creating experiences to remember.

“It’s something I love doing and I want to do more of it.”

“I have MC’d close to 100 events over the past few years and am getting heaps of repeat bookings, which is wonderful!”

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28 Feb 2024 - 10:20 am

Photos supplied is hilarious…

28 Feb 2024 - 6:00 pm

Take a bow Sarah Patterson, the article was well written.

After looking for a new radio station to listen to, I stumbled across 4BC and the dulcet tones of Olympia Kwitowski delivering the traffic reports.

I was immediately hooked.

Her weekend breakfast shows,where she gets to air her passionate views on topics close to her heart, are my favourites.

I’ve attended several events that Olympia has MC’d.
She is very approachable and mixes well with the crowd, adding that pizzazz to the occasion.

If she ever moves radio stations, I’ll be moving with her.

28 Feb 2024 - 8:54 pm

Well done. Such a breath of fresh air hearing Olympia on air.

29 Feb 2024 - 11:51 am

Olympia – You are an articulate and sophisticated radio presenter, and it is a joy to listen to you and watch you as you carry out your tasks as a master of ceremonies.

I feel flattered to know you professionally and congratulate you on your milestone.
On top of all of this, you are an incredibly likeable person.

Many blessings to you as you continue your career.


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