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After leaving a trail of failed business ventures across multiple states since leaving his regional radio career, Dene Broadbelt appears to have a new career direction. 

Broadbelt is now a Real Estate agent in Nowra, going by the psuedonym Harrison O'Connor, and working with a company called 'Integrity Real Estate'.

O'Connor is a name that Broadbelt has used previously.

Integrity's website describes Broadbelt as bringing fresh ideas to the team, and having "a willingness to learn and excellent communication skills, Harrison will strive for the best results and go the extra mile for his clients".

You can see Broadbelt/O'Connors profile page at Integrity Real Estate here.

Broadbelt does have a somewhat chequered history, that has been covered in the mainstream press and extensively on Radio Today, see below;


Broadbelt's victims speak out

NT Inifinity Festival set up as a scam

Broadbelt labelled con-artist

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Broadbelt strikes again


There is no suggestion that Integrity Real Estate is not an ethical company, nor is there any suggestion that Broadbelt has done, or is doing, anything untoward in his new role.

Hopefully this is a fresh start for Dene Broadbelt moving forward.


Update 5.50pm

Following Radio Today's publishing of this story, Broadbelt's employment with Integrity Real Estate has been terminated this afternoon, and his profile page at Integrity Real Estate has been taken offline; below is a screenshot of the page as it was at the time of publication.

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