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Dene 'unable to laugh' Broadbelt

Along with many other media outlets and websites, Radio Today recently received a bizarre media release regarding the somewhat colourful Dene Broadbelt, which appeared to be positioned as a kind of mea culpa.

The media release read, in part:

“After almost two years battling a deep depression that left him unable to laugh, get out of bed or even be held by his supportive family, radio star Harrison O’Connor previously know (sic) as Dene Broadbelt is ready to reclaim his life with over 75 articles on Google and the internet being labeled as a serial conman, O’Connor is ready to tell the truth of the accusations.”

“I will always feel partly responsible because my name was associated with highly defamatory statements that were not true,’’ Harrison says. “But I’m not going to let it define me. I’m just going to remember. Nothing will change the fact that there is people out there that have tarnished my name for life.”

Zach Featherstone: internet reputation specialistThe media release, which lists Zach Featherstone – a self-described ‘internet reputation specialist’ – as the contact for interviews with Broadbelt, was distributed to media outlets across the Easter weekend.

In the release, Broadbelt accepts that he has made ‘previous mistakes in life’, however he continues on to say that he has been the victim of ‘false accusations’, his name has been ‘tarnished by people’, and that he has ‘not had a lot of support’.

You can read the release in full here.

So when all is said and done, despite the offer of an interview slot with ‘radio star’ Broadbelt, we’ve now taken the decision to not interview him on Radio Today.

Broadbelt has had plenty of chances, and plenty of coverage. It’s time to move on from the circus, and for his own sake, we hope he can knuckle down with a honest 9-5 job somewhere.


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