“We had the blessing of naivety” says Andy Lee on Game Changers: Radio

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Comedian Andy Lee is featured on the final episode of Series four of Game Changers: Radio with Craig Bruce.

Together the pair chat about the finer points of Lee’s colourful radio/TV career as the Hamish & Andy show enters its final year.

Lee’s undeniable chemistry with Hamish Blake has always been the most pivotal aspect of the duo’s success, and Bruce was quick to get Lee’s assessments on his co-host.

“I’ve never met anyone funnier in the world,” Lee said. “People talk about chemistry and you never really know what it is. But when I met Hame, everything that he was doing felt funny.

“I found that my response was making him funnier and vice versa,” he added.

While Blake has previously talked about the delicate nature of commercialising a friendship, the establishment of a media brand was never something that was planned out, even when the duo ventured into the realms of television.

“We had the blessing of naivety,” Lee said. “A lot of the decisions that we made we would never make now because we would be too scared – there’s too much at stake.”

A vivid storyteller, Lee spoke of the pair’s 350 lap race in Ho Chi Minh City, jumping off a bridge in Bosnia, as well as the harrowing bullet ant experience that played out on the season finale of Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America.

Starting out as a development radio show on Fox in 2001, Hamish & Andy took nights and weekends for four years before moving into the national drive slot on the Hit Network in 2006.

Since then, Hamish & Andy took off and became the most popular drive show with a nationwide audience of more than two million.

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