Ben Lee joins Chaser’s election podcast


Ben Lee has challenged veteran Chaser Andrew Hansen to come and play the team’s notorious anti-Ben Lee song at his concert during his Melbourne tour in June.

The challenge came in the middle of an inexplicable appearance by the music star on the Chaser’s election podcast.

No one quite understands why Lee was pitched to be on the Chaser Report Election podcast. After all, he’s not running in the election.

When pushed about his entry into politics Lee admitted “I just missed the cut-off for the official ballot. I’m passionate about it but I’m also sceptical and innately cynical.”

Like a seasoned politician, Lee brilliantly linked his new single Like This Or Like That to the election process, inspiring the team that their vote may seem arbitrary but actually reflects one’s key values.

“If we are going to destroy this planet and destroy our species, which there is a chance we are going to do, I want it written in the cosmic records that I disagreed.”

The interview covers the hot topics of ukuleles, Andrew Hansen’s The Ben Lee Song, climate change, voter responsibility, the subversiveness of fun, mentoring the next generation and challenging dualistic mindsets.

The Ben Lee episode is out now featuring original Chasers Charles Firth, Dom Knight and Andrew Hansen.

Listen to the Chaser Report Election Edition podcast featuring Ben Lee here.

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