Ben Fordham sparks new era for talk radio with breakfast debut

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Today marks the beginning of a new dawn for AM talk radio in Sydney.

Ben Fordham arrived at 2GB Sydney this morning to debut his new breakfast show, with big shoes to fill following the departure of Alan Jones on Friday.

The new star of breakfast talk radio in Sydney, Fordham, 43, signals a fresh start for Nine Radio. Above all, executives will be hoping for renewed interest from advertisers.

The broadcaster launched into his first break sounding confident, fresh and energetic after spending some time with Jones at his home studio in the Southern Highlands to prepare.

“Thank you, Monday morning, yes, the start of a brand new breakfast show,” Fordham announced. “We thank you for choosing us this morning, as you wake up.”

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With the radio ratings about to recommence, it’s possible the breakfast shift could see a protest vote from fans of Jones’ in the vicinity of 2-3%. But where will they go?

The show’s content included coverage of ANZ Stadium, the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests, the NRL’s return and an exclusive with Gladys Berejiklian.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham, also dropped by the studio to welcome him to the breakfast shift and discuss the day’s news.

Fordham also introduced a 2GB text line for listeners to send comments via SMS.

Nine sports reporter Neil Breen also made his debut on 4BC Brisbane breakfast today.

Listen to Fordham’s first break on 2GB Sydney breakfast:

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1 Jun 2020 - 9:34 am

Think you have this wrong – executives will be hoping for renewed interest from advertisers. It should be noted Alan Jones bought in considerably more ad dollars than he lost. GB will lose more revenue with his departure. And breakfast could drop 3-4% initially before Ben builds his new audience.

1 Jun 2020 - 6:59 pm

Thomas- And think you mean Jones ‘brought’ in considerably more ad dollars… Unfortunate choice of words in this context.

1 Jun 2020 - 7:19 pm

“With the radio ratings about to recommence, it’s possible the breakfast shift could see a protest vote from fans of Jones’ in the vicinity of 2-3%. But where will they go?”


Many listeners – and advertisers – are tired of this ‘only- game- in- town- take- it- or- leave- it’ attitude.

When will a current commercial station change format from music to talk-back… or a new entrant get into the fray and pick up the juicy fruit just waiting to be plucked from the tired old tree?

Lots of switched off listeners & advertisers are living in hope…

2 Jun 2020 - 6:14 am

Michael Mclaren’s program podcast from earlier in the morning is a great substitute if you can’t handle Ben’s lightweight fluff!

3 Jun 2020 - 8:56 am

Underwhelming so far. Not much conviction and few opinions of his own. Like many second rate journos he tries to create fake controversy with transparently leading questions and goes on and on with it until it’s painful to listen to. Asks everyone for their opinions but seems to have few of his own. Needs to be a lot more informed and knowledgable.

3 Jun 2020 - 6:14 pm

Ben Fordham needs to research issues like Alan Jones did, he is just running his afternoon show in the mornings. It will fail

5 Jun 2020 - 7:24 pm

Ben Fordham a nice guy but what a lightweight. Listeners who were so well informed on a vast number of relevant issues with Alan Jones will find it hard to listen to Ben. Gave him two days but quickly bored and irritated by his style. Unfortunately there is only one Alan Jones and Ben is no replacement. Chris Smith who filled in for Alan admirably when he was away would have been a better choice.

Stephen Chain
9 Jun 2020 - 11:58 pm

Hoping that you continue to be a winner for our company who has continued with its advertising of our company on your morning programme
Alan Jones was a winner for us getting our company name out there and what we do
Will monitor the amount of calls over next month as opposed to calls received under AJ

20 Jun 2020 - 6:39 pm

I think a lot will head to 1269 on the dial…..Marcus Paul on 2SM is a great replacement for Alan.

8 Jul 2020 - 10:38 am

When does Ben Fordham’s trial period end and we had another informed presenter like Alan. I would like yo hear Michael McIarens in the role. Cannot take much more of the gossip and advertising program this has turned into.

Phebe Vijayan
18 Apr 2021 - 9:45 am

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