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GfK’s latest AudienScope shows that Australian radio audiences have grown by 7% in the last five years. With 19% listening to more radio now than they were a year ago and how most stay with the same station across the day.

But the GfK AudienScope 1 for 2015 digs a little deeper. The Commercial Radio Australia backed quarterly research takes in a sample across the nation of 1250 people; this round it explores some of the key drivers in terms of talent, how radio is used across the day compared to other traditional media and how it’s used in conjunction with other activities.

“This report showcases radio’s unique ability to connect with audiences for longer periods of time. The loyalty between stations and their listeners contributes to an exceptional level of trust that extends to brands that advertise on radio”,said Joan Warner CEO of Commercial Radio Australia.

Dr Morten Boyer, General Manager of GfK Media, said: “The first edition of AudienScope in 2015 shows that radio is a constant in people’s lives. Listeners are drawn to the human aspects of radio: its presenters, its role as a companion, and its ability to make them laugh. This strengthens and sustains people’s relationship with their favourite station.”

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