Back by popular demand: Bob Rogers will continue on Saturday Nights at 2CH

Former Assistant Editor

Following his decision to hang up the headphones and retire from radio earlier this week, Bob Rogers and 2CH received a huge outpouring of support from listeners.

The public reaction was such that Bob has decided that a planned ‘Reminiscing’ show this Saturday night will no longer be a farewell to radio, but the beginning of a new era.

Starting this week, Bob will host each Saturday evening in his familiar studio.

His 74-year career isn’t over just yet…

Hear his final break below:

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Angela Paino
1 Jun 2019 - 11:04 pm

Dear Bob, dear Bob,

I was so overcome by emotions and sadness at the news that you had

retired, I truly felt inconsolable for quite a while and felt a terrible

void in my own life.

Like I am sure most of your listeners, I felt I had he one person in my

life who had been there for me even though he did not know me,

keeping me company, sharing anecdotes, voicing his opinion I

cannot remember ever disagreeing with…

And then of course the music, the wonderful songs I would sing along as a young girl filled with dreams and aspirations and later as an adult, grateful you would still play them despite the changing confusing times…

Of high intellect and professionalism, always articulate and strong in

your opinions, you never faltered upholding the good wholesome

values some in the new generations seem to think passe’ and of no

importance any longer.

Indeed you lived your life by them all, ”the living proof” that we are

not “a dying breed”…not yet anyway!

You proved that Honesty, Kindness, Love, Loyalty, Respect,

Tolerance, Family Unity and Sacrifice can go along with being

successful in all aspects of life, inspiring us all…

No wonder you enjoy the admiration of so many all over the world

and the heartfelt gratitude of listeners like me who had the fortune

to tune in to 2CH and you!

Thank you for not abandoning us entirely, still visiting our homes

every Saturday, “turning back the hands of time” helping us

remembering, hoping and feeling we are alive and count…

Forever one of your most faithful and grateful listener and admirer, I thank you Sir Robert and wish you a healthy life ahead.

GRAZIE MILLE for the immense joy you have given me over the years.



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