Aussie Programmer sacked over MILFgate

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Justin 'Drex' Wilcomes is a former Programmer for Prime Radio Central Queensland, and Hot 100 & Mix 104.9 Darwin. As an Announcer, he was a member of the launch team at Nova 100 Melbourne, and was formerly on-air on Triple J.

He has been working in Canada for 3 years as Vista Coast Group Program Director on Vancouver Island BC looking after 4 stations, including doing mornings on 98.9 Jet FM.

Drex has just been sacked after asking the Premier, Christy Clark, a listener question: "What's it like being a MILF?" in an interview mid last month.

She responded by saying: "You know, I take that as a compliment … you know, it's one of those things…..Better a MILF than a cougar … so tell him I said thank you."

Hear the audio below…
or hear it here

Clark is a former AM talk show host who Drex says "has a very open sense of humour….and would regularly appear on the rock stations in Vancouver talking about Mr. (a website that shows screenshots of women's breasts from movies) and it was regularly discussed that she's a hot single Mum."

"I work on a rock station, so it's expected that I would walk the line on some things.

I have worked for the same company for the last 3 years as a PD & Morning show host, and done that same type of material on 2 of those stations, it's entertainment & comedy interspersed with fun localism & phones."

Drex has told that he thinks firing him is an over-reaction, “I understand that I upset a few people and I’m sorry for that and I never meant to offend anybody.”

He has wanted to apologise to Clark but was “never given an opportunity, I wanted to do that but I was told I wasn’t allowed to say anything to anybody about anything at any stage.”

Drex told us that Vista Radio only took issue with the audio after the newspapers & twitter started to talk about it, which was close to 5 days later.

"Then it took them another week to suspend me for 2 full weeks, at the end of which I was terminated."

"Clark is the leader of the BC Liberals, and has been premier for over a year, a role that she was voted by her party into first, then elected into a vacant seat.

So the BC Conservative party are always gunning for her, so any chance to blood let they attack. And I got caught in the crossfire."

Last year we featured Drex in Radio Today's 'Expat Files', you can read the article here.



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