AUDIO: ARN’s Top New Talent to Watch in 2017

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Yesterday we featured audio from SCA, next up is ARN.

Last week Radio Today lifted the lid on its annual Top New Talent to Watch in 2017 – now it’s time to hear some of their best work!

We’ve since asked the future stars of radio to share a pick of their best breaks for us.

Duncan Campbell, National Content Director, ARN: “Investment in talent is a key priority for ARN. We have some of Australia’s most loved talent, and that has helped deliver some of the highest rating, long-term on-air partnerships of any network.”

Over the next week, we’ll feature more new talent from the various networks.

Adam Price: “Every single day in radio is different, a new guest, new stories, new experiences, you constantly get to be creative, do things differently, have fun and get free food sent to you. Plus I love radio because I quickly learnt being a lawyer is not like it is on Suits and I couldn’t handle doing a job stuck at a desk 9-5 every day.”

Mitch Churi:

“My love affair with radio started when I was 12-years-old. I was fascinated as I listened to  the presenters on the drive home from primary school and just a little jealous that they could fill a whole show by laughing and freely chatting, and here I was constantly scolded by teachers for turning what should be a one minute speech to the class into a six-minute interactive show, complete with Q&A. Unfair right? What I loved about radio then is still what I love now, being able to use the airwaves to entertain and connect with listeners. The idea that I can sit in a studio, speak into a microphone and entertain someone who is stuck in traffic listening to the radio on the other side of the city or even the other side of the country has always been magical for me.”

The Top New Talent to Watch in 2017 is put together in collaboration with GMs, Group CDs, PDs and Content Directors from regional and metro markets.

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