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Former Australian Traffic Network reporter Jason Bouman has lodged a fresh statement of claim in his case against the company, over his removal from the Channel Nine traffic reporting role in Sydney.

Bouman was replaced with Amelia Oberhardt (pictured), who he claims was described to him as "a hot young blonde girl" by his former employer.

In the fresh statement, published at the Crikey website, which is detailed, long, and colourful, Bouman responds with; 
“I deny ever looking untidy, unshaven, or like I just woke up on Channel Nine. I showered every morning before arriving for work, and washed my face and hair"

"I always wore make-up and had my hair waxed and professionally done for Channel Nine. I shaved on a daily basis, I was unaware that Mr Pezzimenti told Mr Flood that I looked like Curly from the Three Stooges.”

Bouman has said that he will offer 60 recordings of his Nine traffic reports when ATN takes the stand in October. He believes the footage will contradict the allegations that he was unkempt.

In response to Boumans original claim, there have been statements made to the tribunal by ATN's Steve Woods, Jay Flood, Bill Pezzimenti and Amelia Oberhardt however ATN have not released their statements publicly.

ATN's only public comment has been to say they were making no comment and to ask Crikey to 'let it be'.

You can read the full analysis, and the fresh statement of claim at the Crikey site here.


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