ARN’s Will & Woody join new Harris Coffee Roasters campaign

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Will and Woody are the faces of a new marketing campaign by Harris Coffee Roasters.

In partnership with ARN and the KIIS Network, Will and Woody front the campaign that aims to inspire Aussies to stop being lazy, and to start making their own great coffee at home or in the office.

The Harris Coffee Making Intervention kicked off in the KIIS Kitchen, and Harris will then go into the winning offices and revamp their kitchens with a Harris ‘brew bar’.

“We identified early in the creative process that for a country that prides itself on drinking great coffee, only about 1 in 4 coffees made in Australian households are freshly made from beans and ground,” said Harris Coffee marketing manager Mike Stribrny.

“At Harris, we think of it as an essential skill for life. That’s why we’ve partnered with Will & Woody to step in and help create a nation of coffee makers, not just coffee drinkers.”

The campaign was launched off the back of research that found most Aussies know that roast and ground coffee is the best, but although they like the idea of making it themselves, they favour cafe made.

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