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Tomorrow is national ‘Say No To Bullying Day’.

It's a day that began after Robin, Terry & Bob from Brisbane's 97.3FM lobbied the government to introduce it in 2009. It is now recognised as 'Say No To Bullying Week' with tomorrow the National Day of Action.

This week Robin, Terry & Bob have aired lots of content to support the cause. They have spoken to celebs and listeners who have all shared their experiences with bullying, they are encouraging listeners to write a letter to their bully or for bullies themselves to write letters to someone they've bullied.

Robin got things started and read a very honest letter to her cyber bullies – listen here.

The breakfast team will broadcast from the Cleveland District State High School tomorrow with the Today show coming live from there through the morning.

The Mix network are right behind the campaign too :-

Mix 106.5 Sydney

Ed Sheeran shared his thoughts on bullying with Sami & Yumi, explaining that everyone has their own brand of weird – whether on the inside or out – and acknowledging and respecting this is the first step to stopping bullying. 

Mix 102.3 Adelaide

Wil Anderson spoke to Jodie, Mark & Snowy about how we should teach kids to embrace the kinds of things you’d be bullied over – that being “different” is ok and it are these differences that will make you become an interesting, unique and exciting person.

Mix 101.1 Melbourne

Actor Michala Banas told her bullying experience to Katie 'Monty' Dimond (who's filling in for Chrissie Swan).

She was bullied during high school, to the point where she was beaten up by her bully because the she thought Michala had a crush on the bully’s boyfriend. The bully then got Michala in a head lock, and forced the boy to cut off Michala’s ponytail, to prove that he didn’t like her. Watch the full chat here…..


A very strong and important campaign using on-air and online with great impact. Good stuff ARN.

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