ARN touts new ‘world first’ dynamic advertising tech for radio

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Australian Radio Network has launched ARN Dynamic Audio in the battle to lure advertisers back.

The tech sees ARN become the “first and only media business in the world” to have the capability to deliver dynamically targeted spots on AM, FM and DAB+ radio in real-time.

The network’s Sydney creative director, Peter Sinclair, insisted this is “NOT a media buying tool” after ARN issued a near 1,000-word press release explaining the tech on Wednesday.

“It’s world-first Creative and Marketing offering that allows the advertising message to be tailored to the individual listener, based on variables” including their location, time of day and weather.

Spin aside, ARN developed Dynamic Audio with A Million Ads, and is the exclusive Australian partner, with plans to tout the new tech at part company HT&E’s upcoming AGM.

Radio Today understands that at least one other commercial network has previously worked with A Million Ads, using their technology to deliver dynamic audio ads for its podcast network.

According to ARN’s own research, the platform delivers a 52% uplift in recall, a 49% increase in engagement and a 240% increase in customer conversions.

ARN’s chief commercial officer, Pete Whitehead, called the new partnership “revolutionary”.

“The increased conversion of personalised, real-time messaging is undisputed and will radically change the way we help our clients connect with audiences…” said Whitehead.

The rollout of ARN Dynamic Audio, across AM, FM, DAB+ and iHeartRadio, is part of the radio business’s long-term plans to expand and diversify its commercial offering for clients.

ARN has also further implemented interactive ShakeMe ad tech, which it first rolled out in 2018.

Southern Cross Austereo also announced it was offering ShakeMe in March, allowing advertisers to create responsive ads that listeners can react to by shaking their device or a voice command.

Whitehead said the latest developments allow ARN to deliver “innovative, creative, dynamic advertising campaigns”, as the industry searches for innovative ways to keep brands spending.

Today’s announcement follows ARN’s recent commercial restructure, intended to drive company-wide growth as the business adapts to the changing market.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published with the headline ‘You can now buy spots on Kyle & Jackie O in real-time with new tech’.

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Peter Sinclair
6 May 2020 - 1:38 pm

To clarify, Dynamic Audio is NOT a media buying tool. It is a world first Creative and Marketing offering that allows the advertising message to be tailored to the individual listener, based on variables including their location, time of day, day of week, local weather conditions and so on.

6 May 2020 - 7:41 pm

“first and only media business in the world” ?

I’ve been writing this style of commercial campaign for over 6 months at SCA Sydney.

6 May 2020 - 8:53 pm

Ha! This is messy.. seems ARN can’t explain their own technology.
Hardly surprising when the leadership team is [retracted]… and the tech team are all basically from Macquarie [retracted].
How sad

What is it?
7 May 2020 - 9:33 am

I must have had a stroke because this explains nothing of what they have developed. If you can’t explain it to me in the industry good luck getting a buyer to get excited. good luck with your Dynamic Audio that is not a media buying tool.

A. Non.
7 May 2020 - 5:03 pm

It’s simple.

ARN partnered with A Million Ads about 2 years ago to deliver Dynamic Audio for campaigns on iHeart Radio.

They’ve since worked with A Million Ads to create the same capability for broadcast radio (AM, FM and DAB+).

It’s a world first.

11 May 2020 - 10:22 pm

Correct me if I’m wrong, but AM/FM&DAB are all transmitted across the masses. How are they injecting personalise ads in a shared transmission? How are everyday receivers swapping ads in per user? How does it know who you are? Where you are?

I think you’ll find they’re leaving out the part where it only works with the online streams of their AM/FM/DAB stations..

So basically identical to what some of the guys there did back in 2017 with AdzWizz..



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