Another one bites the dust

After the blood letting that followed the Fairfax-Macquarie, it was natural to think, or even hope, that perhaps we’d seen the last of the upheaval.  Maybe we’d see some stability.

Not quite.  Yesterday morning the SEN 1116 newsroom was called into the boardroom and told that their jobs were ‘no more’.  Without any prior warning, the newsroom had been axed.  Simple as that.

In its place is a news feed from 3AW.  At last count that’s now three metropolitan stations with the same news service: 3AW, Magic 1278 and now SEN 1116.

That’s not to say it won’t be comprehensive. 3AW has a well earned news reputation, but where is the diversity of voice and opinion?

Of course, SEN has been down this particular path before.  In the mid-2000s, 3AW provided news for the SEN/3MP product.  That was before MTR burst onto the scenes and exited almost as quickly.

It was at that point, it was decided it would made sense to make use of the facilities left behind, staffing it with two full time journos and a bank of casuals.

Until yesterday when management delivered the deathblow to the newsroom.  Yet again, good journalists find themselves out of work and wondering what do next in an industry that has been steadily contracting.

Knowing those who’ve been ushered out the door, I have no doubt they will land quickly on their feet.  It’s just unfortunate that it could mean they’ll be lost to the industry.

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