‘An example of the power of talkback radio’

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3AW's Neil Mitchell has led a campaign to return fines and lost demerit points to nearly 1000 drivers, because of a speed camera bungle.

Mitchell said: “We were first tipped off about this scandal by our listeners. They’re always our best researchers.

“We were then inundated with calls. The floodgates really opened. The calls and emails starting piling in. We knew then we were onto something really big.

The issue was that signage for a temporary 40km zone for road works was inadequate.

“We did some digging and found out that almost 1000 drivers had been busted when they shouldn’t have. There’s no doubt that the signage was too confusing.

“Around 300 motorists stood to lose their licences because of this bungle. I’m delighted we’ve been able to help them in this way.

“It’s another shining example of the absolute power of talkback radio.

“3AW has a rich and proud history of helping listeners in need like this and in the age of the 24 hour news cycle – it’s great to see that radio is still “punching above its weight” on getting things done."

Read and hear more at 3AW site here.

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