Amanda Keller takes her second ever sickie

After just under 18 years, Amanda Keller from 101.7 WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda has run out of luck, as she took her second-ever day off yesterday after falling victim to covid. 

The first day she ever took off was when she was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack in 2014. 

She was even back on air the day after she had surgery for a hip replacement in 2011, so her commitment to the job is clear.

On her day off, Amanda said she still woke up at 4am, as a woman of routine, and she was back on the air this morning remotely.

When Jonesy called sick Amanda, she was quick to chat about Sting touring Australia close to her birthday. 

“You’re certainly sounding better,” said Jonesy. 

“Well, you know what, I am feeling better,” said Amanda.

“Early in the morning my throat just closes over, which I know you dream of when I’m on air with you.”

The exact date of Amanda’s return to the studio is still unknown as she grapples with the randomness of covid and isolation for now.

In the meantime, the remote home studio is the new place of business.

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13 Sep 2022 - 3:23 pm

Whilst Amanda Keller is one of Australia’s all time great radio hosts and is such a wonderful human being on all accounts, can we stop normalising going to work sick please?

Your work isn’t more important than your health.

That don't impress me much
21 Sep 2022 - 11:06 am

I love Amanda, but radio networks really need to stop encouraging people to goto work when they aren’t okay.

You get 10 days a year to use when you are unwell, when your family needs you or when you just can’t cope with the thought of walking into an office.

It’s okay to take a day.


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