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An eagle-eyed Radio Today reader pointed out that the Radio Info site appears to have cut and pasted parts of our story on the SCA financial report this morning.

The Radio Info story was acutely similar to the Radio Today one, going through each item in exactly the same order, and exactly the same structure.

Possibly a coincidence? Perhaps.

But it gets more amusing, as you'll see below……

A line in our report that we wrote in our article just after the Rhys Holleran quote looked like this, circled below:

Intriguingly, as our reader has pointed out – that exact line, word for word, with all punctuation in place – appeared in the Radio Info story as well, despite the fact that the line appeared nowhere in the SCA report, but was written by Radio Today in our report. See below:

So to be clear, the only place that line appeared was on Radio Today. And in case you're wondering, our story was published at around 9.45am, and the Radio Info story appears to have been published around an hour or so later.

Oh dear. Caught red-handed. That said, it is amusing, and thanks to the reader (who has asked to remain anonymous) who drew it to our attention.

But really, if they wanted us to write their story, they only had to ask, we'd have sent it over with no dramas.

On the off-chance that they amend their article, and frankly they probably will as it's kind of embarrassing, here is how it appeared in full on their site:

Funny stuff. 

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