All 3 Group PD’s on the Kyle & Jackie O Mix move

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While talking to all 3 group PD's about their individual survey 7 results today, we also asked them to comment on the potential Kyle & Jackie O move to Mix 106.5.

First, the official word from ARN programming boss, Duncan Campbell:

"Talks have commenced but nothing has been agreed. They only announced that they were leaving on Friday and we're sitting here on Monday so that's the status as it stands at the moment."

dmg's Group PD Paul Jackson is sitting back watching the drama unfold before him, having openly said weeks ago they are not interested in hiring Kyle & Jackie O. He said:

"If the rumours are true and Kyle and Jackie O were to go to Mix, that strikes me as a very strange decision. Mix to me is a conservative station playing a very different game from where 2Day FM is at so it doesn't naturally translate that the audience just follows you.

"There's been many presenters over the years that change sides and it hasn't gone well whether it's on TV or radio. I think what might happen in 2014 is that 2Day and Mix, potentially, if that rumour is true, start to eat each other up."

SCA's Head of Content Craig Bruce told us:

"I'm pretty close to the REAL story, as apposed to the other versions that I read in newspapers and on blogs. My position on it at the moment would be it's incredibly unlikely. Firstly, they would have to change format, they'd have to rebrand, and they'd have to go and look at their client list. That's not to say that it won't happen but I just don't get that sense that it's as close as people are thinking it is.

"I mean, it's a great story."

But some are saying the Mix story could just be a negotiation tactic to actually make a return to SCA.

"I don't think it's that either, I really don't," said Craig. "If it was then we would have been aware of it through our negotiations."

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