Ali Plath ‘gutted’ at stumbled start to 92.5’s Triple M Breakfast show

Before there are cries of ‘so what everyone has COVID’, firstly that’s not true and secondly, imagine you catch it just as you are about to start a new gig you’ve described as ‘winning radio lotto’

Ali Plath has joined the Gold Coast’s 92.5 Triple M Breakfast show replacing Bridget ‘Bridge’ Brousard alongside Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt and Sean ‘Flan’ Flanagan.

The show was supposed to kick off on Tuesday, January 11th but thanks to COVID not everything has played out according to plan.

“On the Monday, I called our CD, Corey Kay, and told him I’d better not come into the station…my first official day of work, a planning day. What a diva! He made the call that I would do the show from home the next day so we could at least start on time. At that stage, I was genuinely well enough to do so. I lasted two days then COVID got the better of me,” says Ali.

“I was honestly so gutted. You get yourself all pumped up and then that happens. I’m not used to having sick days off and certainly not when I’ve just started! I’m not trying to sound like a bloody hero, most announcers pre COVID would’ve been the same, in that you don’t ever want to leave your co-host on their own.”

On top of Ali being out of action, one of the boys was a close contact and forced into isolation, so the show was put on ice for another week, and fingers crossed, will get underway on Monday, January 24th.

Meantime, any sick pay up your sleeve Ali?

“THAT, is a very good question, and thanks for the reminder to ask.”




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