Alan crashes Ray’s show as 2GB celebrates 15 years at #1

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Sydney’s #1 Breakfast host Alan Jones was in a celebratory mood this morning, having recently inked a new year-long deal with Macquarie Media and 2GB.

Jones joined Ray Hadley on his Mornings show (also comfortably the top rating show for its day part) to celebrate a milestone for 2GB.

The station has now been the #1 station overall in Sydney for 15 years, and it’s their 120th consecutive survey win.

2GB rose to a 14.8% (+0.3) share of listening among People 10+ in the third GfK metro survey of 2019.

Meantime 4BC recorded record numbers, rising to 7.6% (+1.5) overall and Alan went to 9.4% (+1.8) on Breakfast.

“They can’t afford me a stand-up desk around here,” joked Alan as he stood in the studio.

“I know you’ve been talking for four hours but just be quiet,” quipped Ray.

Alan and Ray reflected on how far the station has come, and remembered when Ray had a segment on Alan’s show.

“I used to give you 35 seconds to do a sport segment!” said Alan.

“Listen, you know who I feel sorriest for among all your staff? That’s [sports reporter] James [Willis],” responded Ray.

“The only thing I’d say, while I feel sorry for him, he gets about a minute more than I ever got in my entire career!”

“Mate, I thought I was overdoing it at 35 seconds,” said Alan.

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4 Jun 2019 - 10:26 pm

Why not just call the station EGO 873, playing more blubber thru out your work day….bla bla bla

What a shame
5 Jun 2019 - 1:16 pm

Easy to be number one when you have killed off the only competitor in AM radio in Sydney. What Macquarie Media have done to 2UE is a disgrace.

5 Jun 2019 - 1:17 pm

Crazy kids, didn’t Al know the light was on ?


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