AI isn’t about to replace YOU

By Craig Bruce.

Seems like there’s a bunch of well meaning articles about AI and the possibility of radio announcers being replaced.

Here are some things robots can’t do, at the moment….ha!

Please, feel free to add to this list.

Relate to their audience through shared experiences.

Be a citizen of the community they broadcast to.

Listen to their co-host and respond in the moment.

Know their co-host well enough to be able to ask a relevant question or support with a relevant prompt during a shared conversation.

Take the piss out of their co-host.

Respond in the moment with a funny remark.

Pause for comedic effect.

Be vulnerable. Share something from their lives that might be painful or difficult to talk about.

Show empathy with callers.

Talk to callers with empathy.

Talk to guests with empathy.

Know the name of the local business owner who is in the news this week.

Have human experiences with their families.

Love someone.

Love their dog.

Love their children.

Love their football team.

Love the latest episode of the Last of Us.

Love the song that was just played on the station.

Feel and express emotions –  Adoration, Amusement, Anger, Awe, Confusion, Contempt, Desire, Disappointment, Distress, Fear, Interest and Sadness.

Do I need to continue?

A1 is not coming for communicators who have a relationship with their audience.

The rapport you have with your co-hosts is unique.

It’s a rapport that can’t be replicated with an algorithm, it’s something that has evolved through years of time together, listening and learning from each other.

AI is an amazing new technology that is magical and awe inspiring…..but it can’t do you.

Craig Bruce

Consultant/talent coach/podcast producer.

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Kevin Hillier
6 Mar 2023 - 10:38 am

Why then does every consultant make their first order of business to tell the talent to shut up and play the music? At least that has been my experience and observation.

7 Mar 2023 - 9:48 am


8 Mar 2023 - 2:49 pm

Agree 100% Craig, and you’ve outlined what makes compelling, engaging content. The trouble is, most of the breaks I hear during the day on Brisbane radio could EASILY be replaced by AI and you’d never know.


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