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The Canadian version of the ACMA is the CRTC, an acronym for the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission.

Overnight Australian time they have taken a landmark decision regarding the CBC; which is Canada's version of the ABC.

The CRTC has confirmed that CBC Radio 2, which is the secondary English station, and Espace Musique, a secondary French station, will both be allowed to run advertising. 

There is no equivalent in Australia, in a format sense, for CBC Radio 2, it is more of a UK model. It is a government funded music station like triple j, but far more mainstream. Currently on the most played list on CBC Radio 2 are artists like 'Of Monsters and Men', 'Passenger', and 'Mumford and Sons'.

The CBC had requested unlimited advertising space be allowed on the stations, however the CRTC has granted CBC a 3-year window for limited advertising; no more than four minutes per hour, and no more than two minutes of advertising per break.

The CEO of the CBC, Hubert Lacroix, said;

"Advertising won’t change the programming mandate of our services. Both will remain committed to supporting and showcasing the best in Canadian music.”

Following the 3-year trial, the CBC will need to submit a new application, in which they will have to illustrate that the introduction of advertising has not had any adverse impact on advertising markets, listeners, investment and diversity of radio programming.

It is a long bow to suggest that the CBC moving to an advertising based model for two of their radio stations will have any flow-on to the ABC, however with funding always under pressure, it will be a move that will no doubt be watched carefully by other government-funded broadcasters.

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