ACRAs Finalists Fever – #5

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There are thousands of hard-working, dedicated and amazingly creative people throughout the radio industry – and every year a small fraction of those people make the short list as a finalist in the ACRAs.

Just like we did last year, over the next few weeks, Radio Today will shine a spotlight on the best of the best.

The ACRAs Finalists Fever – counting down the days to the big event on October 10 by profiling the finalists across all categories. You can get involved by emailing us here.

Today we feature, Amanda Lee, James Thwaites and Kasey Radatti.   Let’s Roll Out the Red Carpet….


Amanda Lee; Hit 101.9 Fox FM, Melbourne VIC, Southern Cross Austereo M 

So how long you been part of the biz Amanda….

Started my radio career 10 years ago at SUN FM in Shepparton as a Breakfast Announcer/Promotions Director. Over the years have worked for NOVA Entertainment and SCA as an Announcer, Producer, Music Director and just recently, Assistant Content Director at the FOX, in Melbourne 

You’re up for Best Music Director… what did you do with your entry..

I wanted to show in my entry my passion for music that I have had as long as I can remember, especially for Australian music. Also the importance of the relationship between radio and the music industry and how vital honest, and clear feedback is to make this relationship strong.

Your Tips for being a Music Director…

My secret is to take the personal out of it. Always lead with your passion but remember to stick to the station’s music strategy, listen to the listener feedback, stay across music trends and news, and make the right decisions for your station. Also, be honest with your record company reps –give them the truth and the feedback that they need regularly so they can do their jobs too

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

Thank you to the many wonderfully talented mentors I have had over the years as a Music Director who shared my love for music and to all my record company friends for all the free dinner and gigs (just kidding!), more for their friendship, support for my role and station plus working together on some pretty amazing music projects over the years from on air interviews & performances to some pretty special World Famous Rooftops.



James Thwaites;3CS & Mixx FM, Colac VIC, ACE Radio Broadcasters C  

So your a new one… nice… tell us your story.

When I was 15, I met an announcer from Mixx FM. I would go to the station on weekends to watch and see how everything worked. Before working here, I did some voiceovers for some local businesses, and I got a job as Account Manager a year ago. 

What’s the best part of your job…

My passion is people; I enjoy building a relationship with someone I have only just met. It’s extremely rewarding when you walk into a business and the owner has a smile on their face after a successful radio campaign.


Biggest Achievments in the last 12 months…

Obviously being nominated for an ACRA is a great achievement and one that I am very humbled by. I have also consistently exceeded my sales targets, and done some work recently for our local footy commentary team on-air.

Here’s your moment… the speech.. let rip

I would thank Nick Hay for giving me the opportunity to work at such a great station, and also thank the great team at 3CS and Mixx FM for their support and guidance. Finally, I’d thank them for making every day at work something to look forward to.



Sea FM Relaunch; Kasey Radatti, Sea FM, Maroochydore QLD, EON Broadcasting NM  

Kasey.. what’s your story.

Started out in 2010 with Sea & Mix doing work experience from there volunteered for about two years on and off filming web videos. In 2012 I got my first gig paneling then shortly after on Sea FM as a casual announcer. In 2013 I accepted a brand new position for the company to run the digital content, digital sales and graphic design for the stations and have been here since.o. 

Ok… you’re up for Best Multimedia… tell us more

As much as I want to bring out the line “It was really difficult to decide what to enter as we’ve done so much” It was actually a no-brainer. The success and results we saw of the Sea FM rebrand seemed a second to none option for ‘Best Multimedia Execution’.

Best Multimedia Execution (Station) – Sea FM Relaunch from Kasey Radatti on Vimeo.


Here’s your moment… the speech.. let rip

After now being the joke of the office for having the worst speech in history at the QLD Multimedia Awards, I wouldn’t do one. I would however elect someone else to speak on my behalf to thank the people we work with and especially everyone that helped to create our Live Lounge and the rebrand of Sea FM.


Are You an ACRAs Finalist?

If you’re a finalist in Metropolitan, Non-Metropolitan, Provincial or Country drop us a line and we’ll shine the spotlight on you. Email Blair  here.




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